Spotlight: Wanda Jenkins

Let’s meet the teachers! I would like to introduce you to Wanda Jenkins.

10945810_392546060929534_2066515431902028918_o.jpgWanda will be joining us from Scotts Mills, OR where she spends her time with her

husband, Ed Jenkins, working on their small business Jenkins Yarn Tools.  While Ed is the woodworker creating beautiful, hand-crafted turkish spindles, Wanda helps to run the business side and blog.  Wanda has an amazing passion and expertise for spinning while Ed is the master woodworker.  The Jenkins will also be hosting a table at the market during the festival weekend!

Here’s a bit more about Jenkins Yarn Tools from their blog–

“Ed applies creative inn11130447_369400426577431_5728959122599061835_o.jpgovations to his deep understanding of wood, gained through a lifetime passion for woodworking, to designing various styles and sizes, reinterpreting the ancient concept of a Turkish spindle with a focus on aesthetics and achieving the best spin possible. All the spindles and Great Wheel are made using simple tools in his home shop in a small village tucked against the western foothills of the Cascade Mountains in N Oregon. Ed does not use any computerized machines or tools.

Ed fell in love with woodworking when he was a young boy and has been playing with wood ever since. Making spindles and Great Wheels for people who are passionate about using excellent tools brings him great joy and satisfaction. He especially likes to use locally source woods such as Bigleaf Maple, boxwood, lilac and holly, as well as sustainably harvested woods from around the world.

Wanda does all the office work as well as some of the buffing and final finishing applications. With the different tasks she handles she can’t be near the computer but will do her best to reply as soon as possible.”

And what can WE learn from Wanda? Come take her class at Palouse Fiber Arts Fest! Learn how to work on with plant based fibers on a drop spindle! Listed below is more information on Wanda’s class:10410883_400110056839801_4258233058039354152_n


Saturday PM: Baste Fibers on a Turkish Spindle Exploring Cotton, Flax, and Hemp

(intermediate/advanced: must be adept at spinning and wish to increase their spinning
knowledge and capabilities to include plant fibers)

We’ll explore spinning cotton, flax, and hemp using a Turkish spindle. The class with also briefly cover chain-plying as you spin, drafting ’round the bend, and long draw with a spindle.


So, come. Gather. Learn. Chat. Enjoy each other. Let’s be a community, and welcome Wanda and Ed to Moscow!


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