Spotlight: Amelia Garripol

Let’s meet the teachers!  I would like to introduce you to Amelia Garripol.


Amelia will be traveling just a hop skit and a jump from Port Ludlow, WA. She has a vast wealth of knowledge in spinning and weaving. Her website, Ask the Bellwether features an online shop where you can purchase her many books and a blog about all things spinning.  Her latest blog post addresses where you can buy using spinning wheels and drop spindles.

Amelia has many of her own books and has been published in Spin-Off Magazine and Ply Magazine.  We are very excited to welcome Amelia to the fiber festival.  As her student, you will be able to learn and grow in your spinning skills!

Here’s a bit more about her from her blog

Amtest (1)elia Garripoli purchased a house that came with two llamas in 2001. Her life has been a whirlwind of fiber pursuits since, publishing Productive Spindling in 2009, many monographs and articles on fiber arts, and on her blog She spins for Yael Bakal Studios’ tapestries. In 2012, Amelia opened her Port Ludlow, WA studio where she explores fiber, grows dye plants, and holds workshops.

And what can WE learn from Amelia?  Come take one or all of her four classes at Palouse Fiber Arts Fest! How to work with turkish spindles, learn how to work on rigid heddle weaving,  and how to spin quality yarn for socks! Listed below are the classes available to take from Amelia:

All Day Saturday: Rigid Heddle Weaving (Beginner-Intermediate)4182264243_8d67917a1b_m

Learn efficient weaving methods on the rigid heddle loom. Warp, weave, and complete a short scarf in this workshop. Project planning lets you stop guessing about how much yarn you need, as well as shortcuts to use the yarn you have. You will learn how to weave smooth edges, handle warp breaks gracefully, and quickly fix any mistakes you find once your fabric is off the loom. We explore how to get from yarn to scarf with efficient yarn handling throughout the process. Complete this workshop with new or improved weaving skills and a neck warmer!

Sunday AM: Beginning Turkish Spindles (Beginner-Intermediate)

[UNSET].jpgTurkish Spindles deserve to be in every spinners’ travel kit. They are a complete spinning kit in themselves, just add fiber. In this fun class we will explore Turkish spindling methods and ways to enjoy fiber on the go with these portable spindles. Fiber management, spinning methods, plying methods, and yarn management will all be discussed. We’ll discover how to use not only our spindles but also our bodies so that all you need to pack is spindle and fiber.

Sunday PM: Spinning for Socks (Intermediate)

Socks should be warm, elastic, insulating, comfortable, and durable. Learn different spinning techniques, ply structures, and ways of combining fibers to produce a sturdy sock yarn. And, try out several ways to spin dyed roving to control the color pattern in the finished yarn!


So, come.  Gather.  Learn.  Chat.  Enjoy each other.  Let’s be a community, and welcome Amelia to Moscow!


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