Spotlight: Esther Rodgers

Let’s meet the teachers!  I wanted to give you a little spotlight and show you how talented our teachers are — let’s start with Esther Rodgers.

Esther lives in North Carolina! and is the teacher travelling the farthest to come play with us.  She is super creative in the fiber preparation department, is a great spinner of art yarns, and is a magical weaver.  Esther’s sweet spot is in the evolution of spinning techniques for texture… she has this wonderful understanding of texture throughout the design process that leads to amazing results.

She has written articles for PLY Magazine, Spin Off, and many books; she is in the middle of a whirlwind teaching binge, and we are thankfully squeezed right in the thick of it!  She’s been a busy lady lately, just finished up at PlyAway, and before that it was Yarn Fest… teaching all over the country this year, Esther has loads of energy and even more inspiration.  You can find wonderful tutorial videos on her website And recently, she taped classes for Craftsy!

Here’s what Esther has to say–

12885754_10207355872153541_3440571381573438249_oARTIST STATEMENT: The art of fiber is a progression – a journey from one form to another. Each step is a new chance for expression. I create with a wild freedom that only raw fiber allows. By washing and dyeing all of my animal-friendly, farm-sourced wools myself, I gain full control of my textures and color. With my drum carder colors are blended to create a palette. With my spinning wheel, I use innovative techniques and materials to create yarns that function as art, yarn and couture. Each skein is a wearable piece of art, or can be hung on the wall and admired. Then, another step can be taken here with the spun yarn- -woven and knit into textile couture. Each step could be considered an end, or just a beginning. I look for the extraordinary in fiber and what it can become. Whether spun into yarn, felted into cloth, or woven into a garment, I find the voice of the fiber and it tells me what it wants to be.

And what can WE learn from Esther?  Come take one or all of her four classes at Palouse Fiber Arts Fest!  Fractals, color theory, spinning art yarns, weaving– we scheduled some of everything, because there is so much to learn!


Saturday AM:  Fractal Explosion: From Prep To Ply
This is a great class for all sorts of spinners- Spindle and Wheel Spinners, ultra textured art yarn spinners, to the most traditional laceweight spinners!! Students will explore the structure of the fractal ply, first by creating their own colorways using one of the blending boards, hackles or drum carders, and then spinning their fractal yarn as a traditional 2ply, cable or crepe!
Multiple types of fiber prep tools will be provided (drum carders, blending boards and hackles).

Saturday PM:  Colorplay the Jazzy Way 
Are you interested in color? How it “works”? How do you put colors together in a way that’s exciting? In this class we’ll talk about “color theory” in an accessible way. Learn how to create palettes that are bold and interesting, but still pleasing to the eye. We’ll create colorways using fun challenges and inspiration photos. We’ll talk about blending color for different shades, hues and tones. Fiber blending will be demonstrated.

Ever wonder how to make that cloud of expensive cashmere go as far as possible, or how to spin those fun textured yarns? In this corespinning class you’ll learn how to do both! Combining the fun with the function, corespinning is a wonderful way to make the most of your expensive fibers, as well as preserve texture and spin those funky art yarns – even the expensive tailspun yarns! As a bonus in this class we will talk about how these corespun yarns are used in knitting. Patterns will be provided, as well as knitted and woven samples will be available for examination and discussion. Carding textured art batts will also be demonstrated.

Sunday PM:  Exploration of Unspun Fiber in Weaving 13040863_10207484892098959_382010372615069267_o

Have you seen those weavings that scream for you to reach out and squoosh
the fiber? Ever wonder how to achieve that textured look that’s so trending in weaving right now? In this class students will weave with unspun fiber! Techniques will be taught for using traditional weft yarns and this unspun fiber on floor, lap/rigid heddle and tapestry looms.



So, come.  Gather.  Learn.  Chat.  Enjoy each other.  Let’s be a community, and welcome Esther to Idaho!



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