Getting started!

Well, it’s been two quick years, and it is time to have another Palouse Fiber Arts Festival!  So, here we are.  Exciting things are happening.  I just wanted to tell you what is on my to-do list, so you can expect to know what it is you need to know!


  1.  Teachers and bios for 2016 will be posted soon.
  2.   Classes and materials will be posted soon.
  3.   Vendor registration opens February 1st, so that form will be updated.  Soon.  Vendors TAKE NOTE:  this is not first-come first served, there are no guarantees of entry.  However, please be prompt about your paperwork.  Space is very limited and we would like a well-rounded and quality market.
  4.   Class registration opens March 1st, form to be updated soon.  We will be accepting registration by walk-in, print-scan-and-email, and by mail.  This will not be a fillable form, unless you are more tech-savvy than i am.  No early birds please.  Mail postmarked before March 1 will be set aside and processed after the initial rush.
  5. Fleece Sale:  registration opens February 1st.  This space is pretty big, so even if you are last-minute, give us a call.

There is the beginning, for all who want to know the details.  I will post again when the classes are up!



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