Spotlight: Lunch and WWKIP Day

13173621_1188547921157834_4998364967332824024_oWe are delighted to announce that the South Fork food truck, Fork in the Road, will be on location at the Palouse Fiber Arts Festival!  If you register for a full day of classes, you receive a free lunch ticket! The truck will be offering up amazing grub for the weekend.  Their menu often includes Cougar Gold Mac and Cheese, Tacos, and Pulled Pork Sandwiches.   YUM!11222390_1038555799490381_357537156603325842_oWWKIPDAY-logo


On Saturday of the festival, it is World Wide Knit in Public Day!!  We will have space in the high school across from the 1912 center for anyone to relax and knit the day away!

We would also love to see people working on their spinning, weaving, and all fiber crafts. Come hang out with us and celebrate the Palouse Fiber Festival and Knit in Public Day!!!


Spotlight: Wanda Jenkins

Let’s meet the teachers! I would like to introduce you to Wanda Jenkins.

10945810_392546060929534_2066515431902028918_o.jpgWanda will be joining us from Scotts Mills, OR where she spends her time with her

husband, Ed Jenkins, working on their small business Jenkins Yarn Tools.  While Ed is the woodworker creating beautiful, hand-crafted turkish spindles, Wanda helps to run the business side and blog.  Wanda has an amazing passion and expertise for spinning while Ed is the master woodworker.  The Jenkins will also be hosting a table at the market during the festival weekend!

Here’s a bit more about Jenkins Yarn Tools from their blog–

“Ed applies creative inn11130447_369400426577431_5728959122599061835_o.jpgovations to his deep understanding of wood, gained through a lifetime passion for woodworking, to designing various styles and sizes, reinterpreting the ancient concept of a Turkish spindle with a focus on aesthetics and achieving the best spin possible. All the spindles and Great Wheel are made using simple tools in his home shop in a small village tucked against the western foothills of the Cascade Mountains in N Oregon. Ed does not use any computerized machines or tools.

Ed fell in love with woodworking when he was a young boy and has been playing with wood ever since. Making spindles and Great Wheels for people who are passionate about using excellent tools brings him great joy and satisfaction. He especially likes to use locally source woods such as Bigleaf Maple, boxwood, lilac and holly, as well as sustainably harvested woods from around the world.

Wanda does all the office work as well as some of the buffing and final finishing applications. With the different tasks she handles she can’t be near the computer but will do her best to reply as soon as possible.”

And what can WE learn from Wanda? Come take her class at Palouse Fiber Arts Fest! Learn how to work on with plant based fibers on a drop spindle! Listed below is more information on Wanda’s class:10410883_400110056839801_4258233058039354152_n


Saturday PM: Baste Fibers on a Turkish Spindle Exploring Cotton, Flax, and Hemp

(intermediate/advanced: must be adept at spinning and wish to increase their spinning
knowledge and capabilities to include plant fibers)

We’ll explore spinning cotton, flax, and hemp using a Turkish spindle. The class with also briefly cover chain-plying as you spin, drafting ’round the bend, and long draw with a spindle.


So, come. Gather. Learn. Chat. Enjoy each other. Let’s be a community, and welcome Wanda and Ed to Moscow!

Spotlight: Lynn Ruggles

Let’s meet the teachers! I would like to introduce you to Lynn Ruggles.

Lynn will be joining us from beautiful Boise, ID where she spends her time on her farm spinning the day away. She is extremely knowledgeable in spinning, wool and knitting.  Her website, Spin the Body Electric, features a link to her blo
g, video tutorials, and a peak into her life with her 4 Shetland sheep.


Lynn has been teaching spinning for many years and has been published in various spinning and fiber publications.  We are very excited to have Lynn teach her second time at the fiber festival.  As her student, you will learn many various spinning techniques!

Here’s a bit more about her from her blog–

“I am a spinner, knitter and weaver. I have been knitting since I was a child, spinning for over 20 years and teaching for about 15. I passed my Certificate of Excellence (COE) in Handspinning, Level 1, in October 2009 and COE Level 2 in October 2013. ”

And what can WE learn from Lynn? Come take one or all of her three classes at Palouse Fiber Arts Fest! Learn how to work on knitting with Shetland lace, how to spin beautiful gradients, and how to spin Shetland lace! Listed below are the classes available to take from Lynn:

Saturday AM:  Knitting Shetlandimage

Shetland Lace shawls, known for their fine, delicate appearance, are knit out of the finest fibers from the Shetland sheep. The shawls use a variety of traditional knitting patterns and are constructed by knitting a center square and then an outside border. In this class, you will learn about the history of the Shetland shawl and how the shawl has been adapted to more modern knitting tools. You will begin knitting a small sample shawl, starting with the center square, then will add the border edge. You will learn how to finish and block the shawl

Saturday PM and Sunday AM:  Spinning Gradientimage

Gradients are popular right now, learn to make your own!A color gradient is a gradual transition from one color to another. This change in color can be made by spinning a series of skeins from graduated color blended batts or it can be done by varying the color within a single skein of yarn. In this class, we will talk about the properties of colors and how to choose colors for your gradient yarns. You will learn a variety of ways to create a color gradient, using different fiber preparations and different spinning techniques.

Sunday PM: Spinning Shetland

Shetland Lace shawls, known for their fine, delicate appearance, are knit out of the finest fibers from the Shetland sheep. The shawls use a variety of traditional knitting patterns and are constructed by knitting a center square and then an outside border. In this class, you will learn about the history of the Shetland shawl and how the shawl has been adapted to more modern knitting tools. You will begin knitting a small sample shawl, starting with the center square, then will add the border edge. You will learn how to finish and block the shawl.


So, come. Gather. Learn. Chat. Enjoy each other. Let’s be a community, and welcome Lynn to Moscow!


Spotlight: Amelia Garripol

Let’s meet the teachers!  I would like to introduce you to Amelia Garripol.


Amelia will be traveling just a hop skit and a jump from Port Ludlow, WA. She has a vast wealth of knowledge in spinning and weaving. Her website, Ask the Bellwether features an online shop where you can purchase her many books and a blog about all things spinning.  Her latest blog post addresses where you can buy using spinning wheels and drop spindles.

Amelia has many of her own books and has been published in Spin-Off Magazine and Ply Magazine.  We are very excited to welcome Amelia to the fiber festival.  As her student, you will be able to learn and grow in your spinning skills!

Here’s a bit more about her from her blog

Amtest (1)elia Garripoli purchased a house that came with two llamas in 2001. Her life has been a whirlwind of fiber pursuits since, publishing Productive Spindling in 2009, many monographs and articles on fiber arts, and on her blog She spins for Yael Bakal Studios’ tapestries. In 2012, Amelia opened her Port Ludlow, WA studio where she explores fiber, grows dye plants, and holds workshops.

And what can WE learn from Amelia?  Come take one or all of her four classes at Palouse Fiber Arts Fest! How to work with turkish spindles, learn how to work on rigid heddle weaving,  and how to spin quality yarn for socks! Listed below are the classes available to take from Amelia:

All Day Saturday: Rigid Heddle Weaving (Beginner-Intermediate)4182264243_8d67917a1b_m

Learn efficient weaving methods on the rigid heddle loom. Warp, weave, and complete a short scarf in this workshop. Project planning lets you stop guessing about how much yarn you need, as well as shortcuts to use the yarn you have. You will learn how to weave smooth edges, handle warp breaks gracefully, and quickly fix any mistakes you find once your fabric is off the loom. We explore how to get from yarn to scarf with efficient yarn handling throughout the process. Complete this workshop with new or improved weaving skills and a neck warmer!

Sunday AM: Beginning Turkish Spindles (Beginner-Intermediate)

[UNSET].jpgTurkish Spindles deserve to be in every spinners’ travel kit. They are a complete spinning kit in themselves, just add fiber. In this fun class we will explore Turkish spindling methods and ways to enjoy fiber on the go with these portable spindles. Fiber management, spinning methods, plying methods, and yarn management will all be discussed. We’ll discover how to use not only our spindles but also our bodies so that all you need to pack is spindle and fiber.

Sunday PM: Spinning for Socks (Intermediate)

Socks should be warm, elastic, insulating, comfortable, and durable. Learn different spinning techniques, ply structures, and ways of combining fibers to produce a sturdy sock yarn. And, try out several ways to spin dyed roving to control the color pattern in the finished yarn!


So, come.  Gather.  Learn.  Chat.  Enjoy each other.  Let’s be a community, and welcome Amelia to Moscow!

Spotlight: Beth Smith

Let’s meet the teachers!  I would like to introduce you to Beth Smith.


Beth will be joining us from lovely Michigan and she is a wool and fiber queen! She has a wonderful blog where she talks about all things fleece and fiber related.  Her more recent article is a great piece on how to properly wash your fleeces. Additionally, she has many “how to” spinning related videos on her site that demonstrate a number of helpful methods and tricks

Beth has published a couple books, which we have just started to carry at The Yarn Underground! She has written many articles for various knit and spin publications and we are so excited to have her at the fiber festival.  Beth has a wealth of knowledge and has been teaching for a number of years.  You will be able to learn and grow so much by taking her informative and well rounded classes.

Here’s a bit more about her from her blog10255746_10202769833581487_5320527600336781658_o

Beth Smith is so obsessed with fiber that she has fleece in every room of her house, including her bathroom.

She teaches the whys and how-tos of preparing and spinning as many breeds as a spinner can in her classes taught all over the world and in articles written for Spin Off, Knittyspin and Entangled magazines. She also writes for Ply Magazine and serves as a member of the editorial advisory board.

She is the previous owner of the world famous online shop ,The Spinning Loft, renowned for it’s selection of raw wool, including rare breeds of sheep , available by the ounce (or more) for studying, sampling or just stashing.

IMG_20160512_131858299.jpgHer book, The Spinner’s Book of Fleece: A Breed-by-Breed Guide to Choosing and Spinning the Perfect Fiber for Every Purpose, will be published by Storey Books in July 2014

And what can WE learn from Beth?  Come take one or all of her four classes at Palouse Fiber Arts Fest! How to buy fleece with a walk through of the festival fleece sale, different Idaho breeds of sheep, how to spin a consistent and high quality yarn, and what makes each wool different than the next.


Saturday AM:  Fleecing! (all ability levels welcome)892047_10151340610072393_1348307081_o

How to buy a good fleece: it’s more than shoving and kicking your competitors. We won’t go over tackling in this class but we will learn how to select a fleece perfect for a project
you have in mind. We’ll walk through the steps of choosing a sound fleece including a hearing test, considering lock length and a closer look for hidden problems. We’ll also learn what makes a superior fleece and fleece barn etiquette (no shoving). Then it’s off to the fleece sale for the hands on portion of the class, actual fleece shopping. SHOPPING!!! Come to class with a fleece worthy project in mind.

Saturday PM: Woolie Clif Notes (must be able to spin a consistent thread)

Most people categorize wool into three or four or five categories. I like five. In this class we will look at one breed from each of the five categories and talk about why they are in that category. What makes each breeds wool different and how this can influence your decisions about how to spin them. We will talk about crimp, staple length, lock shape and more. This little bit of information can help you make good decisions about what kind of wool to choose for each project you are planning.

IMG_20150228_145959Sunday AM: Idaho Breeds (must be able to spin a consistent thread

This class will look at breeds that were developed in Idaho! These breeds are a diverse lot, bred to improve the production of more sheep, as well as useful wool. They were also bred to improve the sustainability of rangeland ecosystems. All of them are fun to spin and all are extremely interesting to explore. Lets look at the history of what we have right here in the Idaho.

Sunday PM: Going Steady! Consistency in Spinning (must be able to spin a consistent thread)

If you want more consistent yarns, this is the class for you. I will show you important tricks to spinning more consistent yarns. We will get hands on with some glorious fibers and explore how drafting, twist and ply effect a finished yarn and how to manage each one for a consistent yarn in grist and twist.

But it’s not just all class and learning. You will have an opportunity to play “What Went Wrong” a spinners game that diagnoses the specific problems in finished yarns that aren’t quite right.


So, come.  Gather.  Learn.  Chat.  Enjoy each other.  Let’s be a community, and welcome Beth to Idaho!

Spotlight: Esther Rodgers

Let’s meet the teachers!  I wanted to give you a little spotlight and show you how talented our teachers are — let’s start with Esther Rodgers.

Esther lives in North Carolina! and is the teacher travelling the farthest to come play with us.  She is super creative in the fiber preparation department, is a great spinner of art yarns, and is a magical weaver.  Esther’s sweet spot is in the evolution of spinning techniques for texture… she has this wonderful understanding of texture throughout the design process that leads to amazing results.

She has written articles for PLY Magazine, Spin Off, and many books; she is in the middle of a whirlwind teaching binge, and we are thankfully squeezed right in the thick of it!  She’s been a busy lady lately, just finished up at PlyAway, and before that it was Yarn Fest… teaching all over the country this year, Esther has loads of energy and even more inspiration.  You can find wonderful tutorial videos on her website And recently, she taped classes for Craftsy!

Here’s what Esther has to say–

12885754_10207355872153541_3440571381573438249_oARTIST STATEMENT: The art of fiber is a progression – a journey from one form to another. Each step is a new chance for expression. I create with a wild freedom that only raw fiber allows. By washing and dyeing all of my animal-friendly, farm-sourced wools myself, I gain full control of my textures and color. With my drum carder colors are blended to create a palette. With my spinning wheel, I use innovative techniques and materials to create yarns that function as art, yarn and couture. Each skein is a wearable piece of art, or can be hung on the wall and admired. Then, another step can be taken here with the spun yarn- -woven and knit into textile couture. Each step could be considered an end, or just a beginning. I look for the extraordinary in fiber and what it can become. Whether spun into yarn, felted into cloth, or woven into a garment, I find the voice of the fiber and it tells me what it wants to be.

And what can WE learn from Esther?  Come take one or all of her four classes at Palouse Fiber Arts Fest!  Fractals, color theory, spinning art yarns, weaving– we scheduled some of everything, because there is so much to learn!


Saturday AM:  Fractal Explosion: From Prep To Ply
This is a great class for all sorts of spinners- Spindle and Wheel Spinners, ultra textured art yarn spinners, to the most traditional laceweight spinners!! Students will explore the structure of the fractal ply, first by creating their own colorways using one of the blending boards, hackles or drum carders, and then spinning their fractal yarn as a traditional 2ply, cable or crepe!
Multiple types of fiber prep tools will be provided (drum carders, blending boards and hackles).

Saturday PM:  Colorplay the Jazzy Way 
Are you interested in color? How it “works”? How do you put colors together in a way that’s exciting? In this class we’ll talk about “color theory” in an accessible way. Learn how to create palettes that are bold and interesting, but still pleasing to the eye. We’ll create colorways using fun challenges and inspiration photos. We’ll talk about blending color for different shades, hues and tones. Fiber blending will be demonstrated.

Ever wonder how to make that cloud of expensive cashmere go as far as possible, or how to spin those fun textured yarns? In this corespinning class you’ll learn how to do both! Combining the fun with the function, corespinning is a wonderful way to make the most of your expensive fibers, as well as preserve texture and spin those funky art yarns – even the expensive tailspun yarns! As a bonus in this class we will talk about how these corespun yarns are used in knitting. Patterns will be provided, as well as knitted and woven samples will be available for examination and discussion. Carding textured art batts will also be demonstrated.

Sunday PM:  Exploration of Unspun Fiber in Weaving 13040863_10207484892098959_382010372615069267_o

Have you seen those weavings that scream for you to reach out and squoosh
the fiber? Ever wonder how to achieve that textured look that’s so trending in weaving right now? In this class students will weave with unspun fiber! Techniques will be taught for using traditional weft yarns and this unspun fiber on floor, lap/rigid heddle and tapestry looms.



So, come.  Gather.  Learn.  Chat.  Enjoy each other.  Let’s be a community, and welcome Esther to Idaho!


Registration on the road


Palouse Fiber Fest registration is hitting the road for a day — are you near Coeur d’Alene?

The Log Cabin Spinners host their awesome Log Cabin Spin In annually — this year it has moved back to the fairgrounds in Coeur d’Alene, tomorrow, 3/19, is the big day, 9-5 — and we will be there!  Tomorrow promises to be a long day for me, loading before dawn, setting up in a flash, and talking all day long.  The fiber community of Northern Idaho is such a cool bunch of folks… I know I will see every type of spinning wheel imaginable, in use; catch up with old friends; chat with two local mill owners; pet some lovely local angora; see who wins what at the raffle; and buy some hand dyed roving.  Because fiber doesn’t count in the yarn stash, right?

Check out The Yarn Underground booth, sign up for classes if you like, and pet the hand dyes from Palouse Yarn Company!

Can’t wait to see you all there…

Cashmere Squeeze by Palouse Yarn Company

Classes and Registration!

The classes are posted, descriptions are written, materials/ skill levels/ homework, etc. it’s all there!  (There might be a few blank spots, but we will get them taken care of soon.)

Mary Scott Huff will be teaching a wonderful steeking class with a Palouse-exclusive pattern… she is working hard on it as we speak and we anticipate the pattern and kits to be available in April so you can get right to work on your homework!

If you want to read all the fine print, here is the link to the Classes page, with the Registration Form all ready for you.  Go ahead and read it over, there are some great new additions for this year’s fest and I hope you are as excited as I am.

Early bird registrations (received in February) will be put in a stack and taken care of at the end of the day on March 1.  If you would like to be one of them, go for it!

Here’s a teaser… indigo and weaving from Sarah Swett!


See you all soon!

Classes are Finalized!

We have chosen the classes and laid out the schedule.  It took some work. there are so many fun things we could learn!  In the end, we tried to capture the essence of personality and strength for each teacher.  They are all wonderful ladies.  Good luck with your decisions!

And, just so you know, we will be working hard this week to get the descriptions linked to the titles, along with materials fees and such.  This is just a teaser, you are gonna have to be patient while the ‘elves’ finish the web-work.

Here is the link to the classes on the website!

You can sign up March first.  More on that soon.